miller family of saint cloud mn

We will use this page to share some of the high points in our lives. If we ever figure out how to insert a photo gallery, we'll add more pics.

Ken attended an engineering student meeting in March at a curling facility. After the tour, everyone was treated to a curling lesson and game time. Ken grasped the concept quickly. Lynn? Not so much.
Ken is teaching one summer class (May-June) and then will again be a mentor in the science and discovery camp at Saint Cloud State. He stays very busy with his position as department chair.

Amanda's graduation from Saint Cloud State University on May 11, 2014. Major in Marketing, minor in Psychology. Yay, Amanda! Ken's sister Dona came for graduation -- she's the best!

Ashton's last 2 years in the Navy are being spent in Europe. In addition to work, he manages to travel frequently. Most recently he told us that his driving experience is really expanding  (read: navigating winding mountain roads!)
In April he attended the King's Day Festival in Amsterdam. Orange was the color of the day!
Last year our friends in France hosted Ashton for the Christmas holidays. This year we hope to all be together for the holidays in Europe.

Lynn has been trying very hard to branch out into more outdoors stuff so she found a free snowshoe clinic at Glacial Lakes State Park in February. It was fun and we learned a lot about what animals do in winter. We were even spotting tracks in the snow! We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast inn, Inn in the Pines, Starbuck MN.
Now in her third year of harp lessons, Lynn loves it more than ever. Her teacher continues to challenge her in so many ways and she has found a dimension to music that she had never dreamed of. And a part of the joy of harping is that her Ogden harp is a constant reminder of its previous owner, Katie, a beautiful young woman whose life was taken much too early. With every tune played, Katie is never far from Lynn's heart.
And the usual knitting continues. It is not the dominant force that it once was (displaced by the harp) but being a part of a weekly knitting group keeps Lynn clicking the needles. This wonderful group of ladies always makes Tuesday a day of celebration.
Work continues too. Administrative assistant for a consulting firm in Charleston SC and a non-profit that raises funds for Presbyterian Schools in Pakistan. Life is never boring!

Sasha, a 4-year old English Springer Spaniel, joined our family in August 2013. She is definitely full of energy! Quite a change from Lucy who was 14 when she died in February 2013. Sasha likes to sit in her La-z-boy rocker and look out the living room window. She is definitely a Velcro springer and is constantly checking to see where her people are. When we come home after even a short time away, we get the full body shake and lots of barking, as if she is saying, "My people are home!" Sasha and Lynn attended 8 weeks of obedience classes. Sasha seems to think that anything can be accomplished if she responds correctly to "Sit!" During our trip to South Africa we were fortunate to find another Springer owner who would take her for those two weeks. We are so thankful to have found home care for her.
Thanks to Springer Rescue for matching Sasha to our family.