Life with Cordeline & her sisters


Attempting to make a joyful noise

And right now I question the joyfulness of my harp playing! But I am having fun learning this new instrument and hopefully someday I will be able to say, "Now that's what joyful is!"

I began playing harp in 2011 on a Lyon & Healy Folk Harp that we purchased from our dear friend Katie (who departed this world much too early -- RIP). After hauling the heavy harp to various venues, I chose to look for something lighter -- welcome to Cordeline ("Cordes de Lynn"), a Camac Ulysse (carbon fiber + spruce soundboard; 17 lbs). Not bad for transport until I add the very well-padded case. I am super happy wth Cordeline and we are working together toward that joyful sound. Cordeline has two siblings: the original L&H Folk Harp (lovingly called Katie, after her original owner) and a Stoney End Brittany-22. A girl can never have too many harps!


A few years ago I began Zoom lessons with Ray Pool, harpist extraordinaire, in Rochester NY. This was a wise move on my part. I have learned so much from Ray. He has taken me to new levels on my harp and musical journey. I even now understand basic chord theory! And I have branched out to singing with my harp (even trying to sing some French love songs -- great fun!). Every lesson is a joy; it seems I learn something new each time -- lots of "aha!" moments.

In August 2019 I traveled to Rochester to meet Ray in person. I was joined by two of his other students -- we dubbed ourselves the Ray-lettes! COVID-19 prevented an in-person visit this year but Ray organized a Zoom meeting with all of his students. Hopefully the Ray-lettes can get together again in 2021.


And perhaps there will soon be another harpist in the family! (He has actually become gentler with the harp since this video was taken -- thank goodness!)